Hannah Tillman



Age: 16


Summary: honor student and daughter of Aviation Insurance Brokers of North America president and insurance agent Gary Tillman who had been reported missing and presumed dead for more than two weeks following a fatal Dec. 18, 2005 airplane accident when a five-seater Cessna aircraft piloted by her father had plunged into the Atlantic Ocean off the northeast coast of Vilano Beach near St. Augustine, Florida while attempting to make an emergency landing in inclement weather shortly after takeoff from a Jacksonville airport while she and two of her friends were headed to the Bahamas for a vacation over the Christmas weekend break, in which the accident also killed a third passenger identified as 16-year-old Anna Kipp but another teenager was rescued at the scene of the wreckage after U.S. Coast Guard teams searched the frigid ocean for survivors.



Cause of Death: Airplane accident


Born: April 1, 1989


Died: December 18, 2005


Location: St. Augustine, Florida