Anna Kipp



Age: 16


Summary: student and star volleyball player at the Darlington School in Rome, Georgia who was one of three passengers involved in a small airplane accident near St. Augustine, Florida when a private Cessna aircraft plunged into the Atlantic Ocean off the northeast Florida coast shortly after takeoff from a Jacksonville airport on Dec. 18, 2005 while she and two of her friends were headed for a Bahamas vacation along with the father of one of the girls (the plane's pilot Gary Tillman and his 16-year-old daughter Hannah were still missing after the crash), who was wearing a life jacket but had no pulse when U.S. Coast Guardsmen pulled her from the water about an hour and 45 minutes after the plane went down, in which a fourth passenger identified as 16-year-old Rachel Hostetler escaped the wreckage and swam for her life through stormy seas before it quickly sank.



Cause of Death: Asphyxia suffered in an airplane accident


Born: May 13, 1989


Died: December 18, 2005


Location: St. Augustine, Florida