Walter Keane


Age: 85

Summary: artist and plagiarist who became famous in the 1950's as claimed painter of a series of widely-produced paintings depicting vulnerable waifs with enormous eyes that became a worldwide sensation and was the subject of a decades-long controversy (the paintings were in fact painted by his second wife Margaret Keane), but who retaliated with a USA Today article that again claimed he had done the work when the fact was made public before the dispute came to a climax in a 1986 lawsuit when a federal judge in Honolulu ordered both Walter and Margaret Keane to paint pictures in 53 minutes for the jury in the courtroom (Margaret was later awarded $4 million in damages).

Cause of Death: Complications from a lung and kidney disease

Born: October 7, 1915

Died: December 27, 2000

Encinitas, California