Vivica Nguyen




Age: 29


Summary: wife of Houston-area interior designer Scott Tran who was hospitalized in extremely critical condition from serious injuries suffered in a fatal August 8, 2008 Sherman, Texas bus accident when a private charter bus transporting about 55 Vietnamese Catholic pilgrims on its way to the annual Marian Day celebrations in honor of the Virgin Mary in Missouri had apparently lost control and rolled on its side off a major highway overpass bridge of northbound U.S. Highway 75 near Dallas, in which the horrific accident killed at least 12 people at the scene and injured more than 30 others in one of the nation's worst bus wrecks in Texas history since 2005.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a bus accident


Born: September 26, 1978


Died: August 8, 2008


Location: Dallas, Texas