Victoria Combs


Age: 27


Summary: U.S. Army soldier stationed at the Fort Campbell base in Kentucky who was accused of grabbing the wheel of a full Greyhound bus in July 2007 and causing it to crash into the marshy woods along Interstate 40 near Kerr, Arkansas while the bus was bound from Nashville, Tennessee to Dallas in which no one was killed in the wreck, but 11 people were taken to hospitals after the July 9, 2007 crash, who had pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect and was charged with 47 counts of aggravated assault (one charge for everyone on the bus, including the driver) while she was held for a time at the State Hospital for a mental exam after the crash, but who had been recently released a few weeks ago.



Cause of Death: Drug and alcohol overdose


Born: June 27, 1980


Died: November 24, 2007


Location: Hopkinsville, Kentucky