Tyron Garner


Age: 39


Summary: plaintiff in Lawrence v. Texas case who was one of two men whose 1998 arrests led to a U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down bans on sodomy, who along with John Lawrence were arrested after police (sent by a bogus report of an armed intruder) burst into Lawrence's apartment and found the two engaged in consensual sex which they were jailed overnight and charged with breaking Texas's Homosexual Conduct Law, which banned oral and anal sex between people of the same gender and led in its landmark June 2003 ruling as the Supreme Court said that what gay men and women do in the privacy of their bedrooms is their business and not the government's, which led the 6-3 decision invalidated laws in Texas and 12 other states.



Cause of Death: Meningitis


Born: July 10, 1967


Died: September 11, 2006


Location: Houston, Texas