Troy Knapp




Age: 43


Summary: one-time auto mechanic who had suffered from severe brain damage in 2000 and never recovered from his injuries after he was in a coma for weeks and remained bedridden in constant pain following a brutal beating at the hands of an angry black mob in October 1999 that sparked national outrage and spurred marches a decade ago when he and his friend Gary Thornburg were savagely attacked after being chased by a group of men wielding metal trash cans and pipes during an apparent racially-motivated incident while riding their bicycles on a public street in a North Charleston, South Carolina residential neighborhood as the pair were heading home from a fishing trip, in which the case increased racial tensions because all the suspects are black and the two victims are white after police initially charged at least 16 suspects including five juveniles in connection with the beatings and armed robbery of the two men, but the attack was not investigated as a hate crime.



Cause of Death: Complications from injuries suffered in a 1999 beating


Born: April 27, 1966


Died: November 6, 2009


Location: North Charleston, South Carolina