Travis "T-Bo" Twiggs



Age: 36


Summary: U.S. Marine staff sergeant who recently visited the White House with a group of of Iraq war veterans called the Wounded Warriors Regiment and met President George W. Bush as he had been though four tours in Iraq, one in Afghanistan, and even spent several months of therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder for which he said he was taking up to 12 different medications, but who had went AWOL from his job in Quantico, Virginia earlier this year before he and his brother Willard J. Twiggs drove to the Grand Canyon, where their car was found hanging in a tree in what appeared to be a failed attempt to drive into the chasm, in which the brothers carjacked a vehicle at the park earlier this week before they were seen at a southwestern Arizona border checkpoint two days later and took off when they were asked to pull unto a secondary inspection area, but who also fatally shot his brother after an 80-mile chase as Border Patrol agents closed in on the car on the Tohono O'odham reservation.



Cause of Death: Self-inflicted gunshot wound in an apparent murder-suicide


Born: 1972?


Died: May 14, 2008


Location: Tucson, Arizona