Taisia Bziyeva-Dauyeva




Age: 68


Summary: Russian retired housewife and mother of the Industrial District of Vladikavkaz federal judge Valeriy Bziyev who had undergone lengthy treatment at several hospitals in Moscow and Vladikavkaz but was disabled for nearly two years after sustaining numerous injuries including multiple shrapnel wounds suffered in the explosions during the 2004 Beslan school hostage-taking crisis when she was taken hostage for three days along with her son and two grandsons by 31 heavily-armed Chechen militants inside the school's gymnasium packed with more than 1,100 children, parents and staff before one of the militants' explosive devices went off and security forces stormed the building on Sept. 3, 2004 as the ensuing maelstrom of explosions and gunfire killed the vast majority of the victims (more than half were children, 11 special forces and emergency workers also died during the siege), in which the latest fatality in the attack also came in August 2005 with the death of a former hostage and two more former hostages remained in critical condition.



Cause of Death: Complications of injuries resulting from the terrorist attack


Born: 1938


Died: August 9, 2006


Location: Vladikavkaz, Russia