Susan Sontag




Age: 71


Summary: author and social critic known for interests ranging from French existentialism to ballet, photography, and politics who was the author of 17 books including In America, which won a U.S. National Book award in 2000 and who was a leading voice of opposition to U.S. policy after the 9/11 terrorist attacks when she argued that talk of an "attack on civilization" was "drivel" (an op-ed piece in the Boston Globe responded by calling her a person with a "high IQ, but a few quarts low on compassion and common sense."), who also played herself in Woody Allen's 1983 comedy Zelig and directed four films of her own.



Cause of Death: Cancer


Born: January 16, 1933


Died: December 28, 2004


Location: New York City, New York