Sister Anna Palumbo


Age: 61

Italian Roman Catholic nun with the Family House Immacolata Conception of San Gregorio religious institute in the rural agricultural suburb of San Gregorio near the city of L'Aquila in central Italy who was among one of more than 250 people reported missing and feared dead following the devastating April 6 L'Aquila earthquake that killed over 300 people and injured at least 1,500 others including four other nuns when a powerful 6.3-magnitude quake struck the mountainous region of Abruzzo in central Italy and destroyed or damaged thousands of buildings in several towns and villages surrounding the medieval city of L'Aquila, Italy near the epicenter of the quake, in which it became the worst deadliest earthquake to hit Italy in three decades since the 1980 Irpinia earthquake when 2,735 people died in one of the 6.9-magnitude quakes that struck southern Italy and caused widespread damage in nearby Naples.

Cause of Death: Killed during an earthquake

Born: June 9, 1947

Died: April 6, 2009

San Gregorio, Italy