Shalyn Cuadrado


Age: 32

former lifeguard and general manager of the Casual Home Furniture Store in Metairie, Louisiana who was one of four swimmers who remained hospitalized in critical condition after encountering treacherous riptides while she was trying to rescue her 6-year-old daughter and another swimmer along the Gulf Coast beaches of the Florida Panhandle that also claimed the lives of six other people as stormy weather churned the surf at an unguarded beach during a two-day span over the weekened in early June 2003, in which local authorities said at least 40 beachgoers were rescued from rough waters along a 30-mile stretch of shoreline in two counties that weekend.

Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a drowning accident

Born: August 5, 1970

Died: June 10, 2003

Pensacola, Florida