Sergey Borgolovy



Age: 52


Summary: Russian general director and deputy chairman of the Buryatia Republic regional branch of the telecommunication services enterprise OJSC Elektrosvyaz who had recently took over as director of the Ulan-Udi branch of the subsidiary company Sibirtelecom OJSC, whose main office is in the Novosibirsk region of southwestern Siberia but the division did not slow down the pace even during the September 2004 protest against mobile operators, and who in 1999 was awarded the title of "Master of Communication" awarded to the best workers of communication by the government of the Russian Federation, in which the rank was established by the resolution of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on September 14, 1937.



Cause of Death: Drowned after being struck by a tsunami


Born: 1952


Died: December 26, 2004


Location: Khao Lak, Thailand