Sean F. Scott


Age: 38

self-educated neurodegenerative disease activist and researcher who became active with the world's largest amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (aka Lou Gehrig's disease) research center ALS Therapy Development Institute when his mother Vanna was diagnosed with ALS in 2001 (four more of Vanna's seven siblings succumbed to the familial form of the disease by 2007, and Scott eventually was diagnosed with the disease himself at age 38 in 2008), who quickly became a leader and president of the field organization's research and development team by teaching himself neurobiology and reading an anthology of publications on potential therapeutics before he developed an information management system used by researchers for greater collaboration among research groups and the streamlining of experiments and processes.

Cause of Death: Complications from ALS

Born: May 20, 1969

Died: February 9, 2009

San Francisco, California