Robert Ray



Age: 22


Summary: AIDS activist and one of three AIDS-exposed hemophiliac brothers who won a court battle to go to school 13 years ago only to be burned out of their home by an arsonist, who along with his brothers Ricky (died 1992) and Randy gained widespread attention in 1986 when they were barred from attending class with other children in Arcadia in southwest Florida after their parents told DeSoto County school officials of their conditions, but soon afterward an arsonist torched their Arcadia home after a federal judge ruled they could return to school under court order and the family fled to Sarasota, where the boys were welcomed by fellow students even though a few parents protested the transfer, whose highly publicized plight paralleled that of another young hemophiliac AIDS patient Ryan White in Indiana.



Cause of Death: Complications from AIDS and hemophilia


Born: January 27, 1978


Died: October 20, 2000


Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida