Robert Crutchfield


Age: 21


Summary: Marine lance corporal who had been attacked and shot in the neck in point-blank range by two men while he and his girlfriend were at a bus stop after grocery shopping during an apparent robbery on January 5, 2008 when he returned home for Christmas on a 30-day leave from the violence he had survived 14 months of gunfire in Iraq, who had been kept alive on feeding and breathing tubes for nearly four months after the shooting but who spent several weeks at a rehabilitating nursing home and was expected to fully recover, in which authorities later arrested the two men, Ean Farrow (19) and Thomas Ray III (20), both charged with attempted murder, aggravated robbery, and felonious assault.



Cause of Death: Infection


Born: October 7, 1986


Died: May 18, 2008


Location: Cleveland, Ohio