Robert "Bud" Marquis


Age: 79


Summary: retired airboat pilot who lived most of his adult life on the edge of the Florida Everglades while he was frog-hunting from an airboat just before midnight on Dec. 29, 1972 when he witnesses the fatal plane crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 401, then rushed to help rescue more than 70 survivors of the impact that left almost 100  people dead, who received burns to his face, arms, and legs but continued shuttling people into and out of the crash site that night and the next day in what was one of the deadliest crashes in Florida's history, and who received the Humanitarian Award from the National Air Disaster/Foundation and the Airboat Hero Award plaque for his efforts in 2007.



Cause of Death: Complications from head injuries suffered in an accident


Born: February 11, 1929


Died: November 21, 2008


Location: Homestead, Florida