Richard Pearlman




Age: 18


Summary: volunteer emergency services officer with the non-profit emergency volunteer organization Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. in New York who was among one of more than 15 EMT personnel reported missing and presumed dead in the September 11 World Trade Center collapse that killed nearly 3,000 people when the hijacked hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 slammed into the building's south tower, where he was last seen helping medical personnel and even carrying people out of the burning building, then ran back into the twin towers to help others while he was running an errand at 1 Plaza in Lower Manhattan when he heard an all-hands call to the trade center prior to its collapse.



Cause of Death: Killed in the line of duty during the World Trade Center collapse


Born: March 7, 1983


Died: September 11, 2001


Location: New York City, New York