Reza Khan


Age: Not stated

Summary: Afghan convicted murderer and rapist who was sentenced to death in 2004 after being accused of murder, rape and robbery involving three Western journalists Australian Harry Burton, Italian Maria Grazia Cutuli, Spaniard Julio Fuentes and Afghan photographer Azizullah Haidari while they were traveling in a convoy from Jalalabad to Kabul when a group of armed men dragged them from their cars and murdered them on November 19, 2001 just six days after the Islamic extremist movement had abandoned the capital city following heavy U.S. bombing during the 1996-2001 rule of Afghanistan's hard-line Taliban government, but who was also found guilty of killing one of his wives in Pakistan on separate charges and had been accused of cutting off the noses and ears of four male passengers while holding up a bus.

Cause of Death: Executed by firing squad

Born: No source

Died: October 8, 2007

Kabul, Afghanistan