Raquel Rodriguez


Age: Not stated


Summary: maternal grandmother of young Cuban castaway Elian Gonzalez who was the mother of Elian's mother Elisabeth Brotons, who perished along with 10 other adults in a November 1999 attempt to reach Florida by sea (Elian and two other people survived who was then found floating on an inner tube off south Florida), whose rescue was set off a seven-month international custody battle by the boy's relatives in Miami, who fought to keep the child in the U.S. when Elian was reunited with his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, in the U.S. in June 2000 after an armed federal raid on the Miami relatives' home (father and son returned to a heroes' welcome in Cuba).



Cause of Death: Lengthy illness


Born: No source


Died: February 25, 2005


Location: Havana, Cuba