Randy Lee Bacus


Age: 40

truck driver who was hospitalized in critical condition for three months from a serious injury sustained after being hit by a falling tree as the result of an accident that killed his 37-year-old wife Bonnie Bacus at the scene, in which she was a passenger in a pickup truck while he was driving the vehicle on a road near McKenna, Washington after the couple stopped to avoid hitting a fallen tree when another tree fell and crushed their cab due to severe damages caused by hurricane-force wind gusts and heavy rainfall during the December 2006 Hanukkah Eve windstorm in Western Washington state, in which it was described as the worst storm to hit the Pacific Northwest region since the infamous 1993 Inauguration Day windstorm.

Cause of Death: Complications of injuries suffered in an accident

Born: April 11, 1966

Died: March 28, 2007

Tacoma, Washington