Petri Gerdt



Age: 19


Summary: Finnish chemical engineering student at Espoo-Vantaa Institute of Technology (EVTEK) in the middle-class Helsinki suburb of Vantaa, Finland who was suspected of carrying out the deadly Myyrmanni bombing, considered as the country's worst bomb attack since World War II, who was believed to have set off a home-made bomb in the busy Myyrmanni shopping centre, killing himself and six other people and injuring about 160 others when an explosion occurred outside a McDonald's restaurant in the shopping mall that was especially crowded with 1,000-2,000 people, including many children who had come to see a clown performance, who had no prior criminal record and was also an active member of an on-line forum for amateur chemists, where he used an Internet chat room to exchange tips on home-made explosives, but the motive for the explosion is unknown.



Cause of death: Killed in an explosion


Born: April 17, 1983


Died: October 11, 2002


Location: Vantaa, Finland