Pamela Gruttadauria


Age: 33


Summary: hotel receptionist who had been in critical condition with serious burns on her face, arms and upper body since the Feb. 20 fire at The Station nightclub which was set off by pyrotechnics display during a concert by the band Great White that killed 95 people (and counting) and nearly 200 others were injured in the blaze, who was so seriously injured when she arrived at the hospital that she was initially listed as a Jane Doe and was the final hospitalized fire victim to be identified, almost two days after being brought in for care, but no one injured in the fire had died in the last two months since March 6, when a 39-year-old man lost his battle for life, and who became the 100th person to die as a result of the horrific fire that swept through a Rhode Island music nightclub nearly three months ago.



Cause of Death: Complications resulting from the burns


Born: June 1, 1969


Died: May 4, 2003


Location: Boston, Massachusetts