Odin Torres


Age: 28


Summary: Cuban immigrant who was among one of the three people who remained missing and was presumed dead for more than a day after the deadly March 15, 2008 Manhattan construction crane collapse that killed at least four other people and damaged six buildings on a high-rise construction site of the unfinished 303 East 51st Street apartment building in New York City's East Side neighborhood while she was visiting from Miami, Florida to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a family friend when the giant 300-foot crane collapsed at her friend's second-floor townhouse at the time, but her friend John Gallego was miraculously rescued from the rubble of the horrific crane disaster in what New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg called the worst construction accident in recent New York history.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a construction crane collapse


Born: August 19, 1979


Died: March 17, 2008


Location: Manhattan, New York