My Obits

Here is a listing of most obituaries I've published during a four-year period of contribution at between 2005 and 2009. It may sound like an 'odd' hobby by tracking down obits, but if you don't like it or if it makes you oh-so uncomfortable, then don't read it. Simply put. Move on to the next page! Most of these obits are protected (personally) under the copyright of Life In Legacy itself, mind you. Aside that, the rest are mostly written and published by myself :)


NOTE: I've had officially announced to retire from publishing any furthur Obits onwards, making 2018 Deaths the last page to be published on this homepage... but I've still decided to compile and edit all the archives on this website till then afterwards.


UPDATE: I've decided to separate all the obits in separate years instead of making a long-ass list, which takes up too much bandwidth. Please click any of the years below in order to find a specific Obit.




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