Monica Bagby



Age: 49


Summary: poet and survivor of the 1978 Jonestown massacre who along with former Peoples Temple member Vernon Gosney had gave a note to a reporter indicating their desire to leave the People's Temple Agricultural Project also known as Jonestown in Guyana before the pair were both shot and wounded on the airplane at the Port Kaituma airstrip by fellow defector Larry Layton (who served time in prison), but who kept a low-profile after she survived the jungle ambush near the cult's settlement, where United States Congressman Leo Ryan was shot and killed along with defector Patricia Parks and three reporters when religious cult leader Rev. Jim Jones ordered the mass suicide massacre with the end result of 918 people.



Cause of Death: Not released


Born: May 2, 1960


Died: June 14, 2009


Location: Gresham, Oregon