Mohammed Farag Menufi Abdallah


Age: 32

Egyptian travel company owner who was hospitalized in critical condition for two weeks from severe injuries suffered in the deadly April 24, 2006 Dahab bombings that left at least 23 people dead and more than 60 others injured in the blasts when a series of three time bombs exploded inside a busy restaurant and market in tourist areas in the popular Red City resort city of Dahab, Egypt on the Sinai Peninsula during the holiday season, in which Egyptian security officials have attributed the attacks to an Islamic terror organization called Al-Tawhid wal Jihad after nearly 100 people have been killed in recent militant attacks at several tourist resorts in the Sinai Peninsula in the past two years, including the October 2004 Sinai bombings and the July 2005 Sharm el-Sheikh bombings.

Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a terrorist bomb attack

Born: 1974

Died: May 9, 2006

Cairo, Egypt