Michelle Tomogan



Age: 24


Summary: Filipino overseas domestic worker deployed with the employment agency Jinhel International Recruitment Corp. who had been reportedly hospitalized in extremely critical condition from extensive injuries suffered in an apparent "accidental fall" caused by a series of rocket-launched missile attacks during the 34-day Lebanon War involving Hezbollah paramilitary forces earlier in July 2006 following an escape attempt as she tried to descend from her employer's apartment building by going down the bed sheets she had tied together but fell from the fourth-floor balcony due to her weight while she was trying to flee from her employer Joumana Saber in the war-torn country, in which another Filipino overseas domestic worker also died while fleeing from a Lebanese employer earlier this week.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in an accidental fall during the Lebanon War


Born: circa 1982


Died: July 28, 2006


Location: Beirut, Lebanon