Michelle Staheli


Age: 36

Summary: wife of murdered oil executive Zera Staheli serving as vice president in charge of natural gas and power unit with the Anglo-Dutch energy conglomerate Shell Oil Company in the southern part of South America who had been hospitalized in critical condition for less than a week but never regained consciousness from severe head injuries suffered in a grisly Nov. 29, 2003 assault when she and her husband were brutally attacked with an ax or meat cleaver in their bedroom during the night while their children slept in other rooms after the couple had moved with their three children to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil three months previously from Utah and were living in a heavily-guarded posh condominium at the time, but there was no clues, no murder weapon, no valuables were taken and all the hypotheses of why the couple were attacked and killed look absurd.

Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a brutal attack

Born: November 9, 1967

Died: December 4, 2003

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil