Michael McLendon


Age: 28


Summary: former food distributor employee believed to have been the lone gunman in a series of fatal shootings that left 10 people dead, including his mother Lisa McLendon (52), his uncle James White (55), his grandmother Virginia White (74), his cousin Tracy Wise (34) and her son Dean (15), and their neighbors, Andrea Myers (31) and her 18-month-old daughter Corinne, during a violent shooting spree across rural southern Alabama's Geneva County, who also shot and killed pedestrian James Starling (24) at random on a city street near the family's scorched home and later drove to two other towns, where he also fatally shot motorist Bruce Malloy on Highway 52 and another bystander Sonja Smith (43) outside a convenience store, in which he injured several other people, including a state trooper and a police officer, in one of the worst mass killings in Alabama history.



Cause of Death: Suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound


Born: September 19, 1980


Died: March 10, 2009


Location: Geneva, Alabama