Masato Shinohara



Age: 40


Summary: Japanese lab technician employed at the Tokaimura Nuclear Power Plant in Tokaimura, Japan who was one of two employees of the nuclear fuel company JCO Co. Ltd. exposed to massive levels of radiation during Japan's worst nuclear accident on September 30, 1999 at the firm's uranium processing plant, whose fellow worker Hisashi Ouchi died of heart failure in December 1999 while another worker Yutaka Yokokawa has been released from hospital, in which the accident occurred when the three used too much uranium into a processing tank to make fuel, setting off an uncontrolled chain reaction (more than 400 residents are believed to have been exposed), who remained alive for over six months, but doctors described his body as "ravaged" by radiation sickness.



Cause of Death: Multiple organ failure


Born: 1960


Died: April 27, 2000


Location: Tokyo, Japan