Mary Gemelli Hansen



Age: 95


Summary: founder of the landmark Hansen's Sno-Bliz corner shop in Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana who started the business with her husband Ernest Hansen during the Great Depression in the 1930's and created the recipes for the many flavored syrups that are still used today (Sno-balls in Louisiana is an icy, sweet concoction that are similar to what the rest of the country calls snow cones, but they are made with more-finely-shaved ice and a large variety of homemade syrups), who was known as "The Snowball Lady" and remained a fixture at the snowball stand long after the couple's ice-shaving days were ended, but the shop has been operating by the Hansen family ever since.



Cause of Death: Complications of Alzheimer's disease after being evacuated during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina


Born: February 22, 1910


Died: September 8, 2005


Location: Thibodaux, Louisiana