Mark Parker


Age: 44


Summary: former correctional officer who was paralyzed from the shoulders down when he was shot twice in the spine in a 1984 Orange County (Florida) Courthouse shooting that killed two sheriff's deputies and led the way to tighter courthouse security systems across the U.S., in which one bailiff William "Arnie" Wilkerson was killed at the scene and the other Harry Dalton (who suffered from brain damage and was partially paralyzed) died in 1991 from his injuries, who was awarded the Purple Heart for his heroic efforts as he ran into the courthouse hallway warning people when the gunman burst inside and began to open fire on Jan. 10, 1984 but who later attended annual memorial services for the slain victims and even witnessed the 2000 execution of gunman Thomas Provenzano.



Cause of Death: Complications from paraplegia


Born: April 18, 1964


Died: March 19, 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida