Marina Zhukayeva




Age: 31


Summary: Russian housewife who had been on life support for nearly a year after remaining in a coma for six months ever since from injuries sustained during last September's Beslan school hostage crisis, which ended in a chaotic maelstrom of explosions and gunfire (officials said more than 330 hostages including 186 children had died after the Sept. 1-3 attack) when armed Chechen assailants seized the school in North Ossetia on the first day of classes setting in motion the deadliest in a series of terrorist attacks that shook Russia last summer, but whose two sons survived and were rescued along with 1,341 people by the Russian security forces during the ordeal.



Cause of Death: Complications of injuries sustained during the hostage crisis


Born: October 28, 1973


Died: August 1, 2005


Location: Vladikavkaz, Russia