Marij Pijnenburg



Age: 46


Summary: Dutch longtime English teacher at the 2College Durendael comprehensive school in Oisterwijk, the Netherlands who had been hospitalized in critical condition at an intensive care unit for more than a week from severe life-threatening injuries she suffered in an assassination attempt on the Dutch royal family when a driver identified as Karst Tates drove his car at high speed into a crowd during the annual Queen's Day parade which included Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander and other members of the Dutch royal family on April 30, 2009 killing six bystanders at the scene and seriously injured 10 others including her 14-year-old daughter Britt Pijnenburg, but no members of the royal family were harmed.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a vehicular homicide incident


Born: November 11, 1962


Died: May 8, 2009


Location: Zwolle, the Netherlands