Maria Korp



Age: 50


Summary: Australian factory worker and machine operator employed at the lingerie firm Kayser Hosiery Factory in the nearby Melbourne suburb of Coolaroo, Australia who had been in a vegetative state since she was found unconscious in the boot of her car near the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, Australia in February 2005 after being strangled by her husband's lover, allegedly under instruction from him, whose husband Joe Korp is facing a charge of attempted murder while his 38-year-old mistress Tania Herman was recently jailed over the attack, and who was at the center of Australia's latest euthanasia row after her life support system was cut off in a case similar to the Terri Schiavo controversy in the United States.



Cause of Death: Homicide


Born: January 14, 1955


Died: August 5, 2005


Location: Melbourne, Australia