Lyman Ward



Age: 85


Summary: last of four brothers whose story was featured in the 1992 award-winning documentary Brother's Keeper after one brother was charged with murdering another, in which the Ward brothers' story unfolded in 1990 when Delbert (d. 1998) was charged with smothering his severely ill elder brother William, where the four bachelor brothers lived on a ramshackled hillside farm in Munnsville, New York but a defense lawyer argued that William died of cancer adding that Delbert (with an IQ of 68) had been tricked by investigators into saying his brother's death was a mercy killing before Delbert was eventually acquitted after a trial that attracted national attention (another brother Roscoe Ward died in June 2007).



Cause of Death: Aftereffects of a stroke


Born: July 7, 1922


Died: August 15, 2007


Location: Utica, New York