Joseph C. Palczynski



Age: 31


Summary: unemployed electrician and bodybuilder whose two-week crime spree in March 2000 terrorized residents in the eastern Baltimore County, Maryland neighborhoods when police say he abducted his estranged girlfriend Tracy Whitehead at gunpoint and fatally shot George and Gloria Shenk, the couple she was living with and their neighbor David Meyers who tried to help Whitehead during the struggle, who allegedly shot and killed passing motorist Jennifer McDonel in an attempted carjacking the night after, then led police on a manhunt for more than a week before surfacing in the Baltimore suburbs when he broke into an apartment where Whitehead's mother lived with her boyfriend and his 12-year-old son, holding them hostage for four days in one of the longest one-man standoffs ever known in U.S. history, who had a lengthy record of domestic violence and related crimes in the years before his shooting rampage.



Cause of Death: Shot to death 27 times during a police raid


Born: November 11, 1968


Died: March 21, 2000


Location: Dundalk, Maryland