John Carruthers



Age: 78


Summary: retired research chemist for the British multinational oil and gas company BP in Hamburg, Germany who had been hospitalized in critical condition at an intensive care unit for six months from horrific injuries he received in a fatal January 3, 2007 motorway coach crash that killed at least two passengers at the scene and also seriously injured 66 others (many of the passengers have had limbs amputated) when a Glasgow-bound National Express double-decker coach traveling from London's Heathrow Airport en route to Aberdeen, Scotland had overturned and smashed on to its side along the slip road of a M25 motorway near the Heathrow airport, in which authorities arrested the coach driver identified as 48-year-old Phil Rooney on suspicion of dangerous driving but was later released on bail and is due to stand trial in October this year.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a bus accident


Born: circa 1929


Died: July 1, 2007


Location: London, England