John Carlin



Age: 51


Summary: Alaska man who was serving a 99-year prison sentence for conspiring with former strip dancer Mechele Linehan in the 1996 shooting death of her fiancÚ Kent Leppink whose body was found off a trail in south of Anchorage, Alaska in which the notorious murder case went unsolved for more than 10 years, and who had been accused by prosecutors as one of three possible gunman sexually manipulated by Linehan into slaying Leppink for his insurance money, but who was later found guilty of first-degree murder shortly after Linehan was arrested in 2006 in Olympia, Washington, where she was living with her physician husband.



Cause of Death: Homicide by bludgeoning


Born: circa 1957


Died: October 27, 2008


Location: Seward, Alaska