Joelly Giray



Age: 51


Summary: Filipino longtime company driver for the international technical services industry Resources Sciences Arabia Ltd. who had been hospitalized in extremely critical condition from multiple gunshot wounds to the back suffered in a series of violent terrorist attacks and hostage-taking crisis against the oil industry that resulted in the deaths of at least 22 people and also seriously injured many others when 17 heavily-armed Islamic terrorists had reportedly attacked several third-country national personnel of two oil company installations including the Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation building and the Oasis Compound foreign workers' housing complex across the Gulf city of Khobar, Saudi Arabia earlier this week, in which a previously unheard-of local Saudi-based militant group calling itself The Jerusalem Squadron claimed responsibility for the incident and it said was attacking "Zionist and Crusaders" who are in Saudi Arabia to "steal our oil and resources."



Cause of Death: Murdered by terrorists


Born: 1953?


Died: May 30, 2004


Location: Khobar, Saudi Arabia