Jenifer Hart


Age: 91

Summary: British civil servant and Oxford don who was accused of having been a Soviet spy (a charged she denied) while she was assigned to the Home Office, where she became private secretary to Permanent Undersecretary Sir Alexander Maxwell in 1939 after having passed the Civil Service entrance exam third from the top of the list (the first woman to do so well) in 1936, who was interviewed twice by MI5 about her contacts while in the Home Office after she agreed talk about her Communist past on the BBC-TV Timewatch program in 1983, but who denied passing any information to the Soviets and also played a key role in the surveillance of Soviet spy Aleksei Doschenko when he was expelled from London in 1940.

Cause of Death: Natural causes

Born: January 29, 1914

Died: March 19, 2005

Oxford, England