Ismain Olmok



Age: 30


Summary: Filipino canteen caretaker of the M/V Dona Ramona ferry who was one of the seven blast victims among the 26 severely wounded in the terrorist bombing of the ill-fated M/V Dona Ramona when an incendiary bomb exploded inside the kitchen of the ferryboat on Aug. 28, 2005 while docked at the Port of Lamitan on Basilan island in southern Philippines over the weekend before it was scheduled to sail for Zamboanga City, in which authorities blamed the Jemaah Islamiyah-linked Abu Sayyaf bandit group for the bombing that injured at least 30 persons, one of whom have died since the explosion.



Cause of Death: Third-degree burns sustained in a ferry bombing


Born: circa 1975


Died: September 3, 2005


Location: Zamboanga City, Philippines