Irene Vogt-Gotz



Age: 49


Summary: German prominent society photographer who took pictures of the rich and powerful for the U.N., who was well known in Düsseldorf as the owner of Foto Vogt, a photographic agency that had been ubiquitous at the city's weddings, christenings and celebrations for more than 20 years and it became the "house photographer" for businesses ranging from Daimler Chrysler to Holiday Inn and Johnson & Johnson, but who earned her name as unpaid photographer to UNESCO Special Ambassador Ute Ohoven, the socialite daughter of Senator Manfred Ulmer, the Consul General of the Republic of Senegal, and whose engagements followed, particularly at the Children in Need annual galas each October, with luminaries ranging from Yasser Arafat and the Dalai Lama to Chris de Burgh and Michael Schumacher, which consistently raised about $1 million on just one night each year.



Cause of Death: Airplane accident


Born: December 12, 1950


Died: July 25, 2000


Location: Gonesse, France