Idamay Hayden Uhl



Age: 83


Summary: notable singer, dancer and gymnast whose pictures of her cheerleading gymnastics for Tulane University appeared in newspapers and magazines around the country during World War II, who was an active member of Sprig and Twig Garden Club, where she served as president several times and was very involved in their philanthropies, who had previously resided at Sunrise Assisted Living on Bayou St. John, near her family's ancestral home after having sought refuge from Hurricane Katrina at her son's home in Old Metairie, Louisiana as the rising floodwaters eventually forced her and her family to flee to high ground in a small flatboat, where they were assisted in escaping the area by Jefferson Parish law enforcement officers.



Cause of Death: In her sleep after being evacuated during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina


Born: February 27, 1922


Died: October 2, 2005


Location: Bozeman, Montana