Heinz Oswald




Age: 45


Summary: founder and longtime owner of the renowned diving company Moskito Diving Center in Thailand's famed Phi Phi Islands coastal resort whose dive team was the first to carry out the initial investigations and research for the local vessel companies Songserm Travel Centre Company and Ferry Line Plc. during the May 4, 1997 sinking of the car ferry MS King Cruiser off the West Coast of Southern Thailand, in which the ferry was operating between Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands in southern Thailand when the vessel hit a submerged collection of rocky pinnacles at Anemone Reef just 10 miles off Phi Phi Island and sank within 2.5 hours as the impact tore a large hole in the hull, but all 561 passengers (including both Thai locals and foreign tourists) were rescued during the shipwreck.



Cause of Death: Drowned after being struck by a tsunami


Born: 1959


Died: December 26, 2004


Location: Khao Lak, Thailand