Harry Landis



Age: 108


Summary: one of only two known surviving U.S. veterans of World War I who enlisted in the Army in 1918, in which the remaining U.S. veteran is 107-year-old Frank Buckles of Charles Town, West Virginia (107-year-old John Babcock of Spokane, Washington served in the Canadian army and is the last known Canadian veteran of the war), but another World War I veteran J. Russell Coffey from Ohio died in December 2007 at age 109 (the last known German World War I veteran Erick Kastner died on New Year's Day at age 107), who was trained as a U.S. Army recruit for 60 days at the end of the war and never went overseas, but the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs counts him among the 4.7 million men and women who served during the Great War, in which the last time all known U.S. veterans of a war died was on Sept. 10, 1992 when Spanish-American War veteran Nathan E. Cook passed away at age 106.



Cause of Death: Natural causes


Born: December 12, 1899


Died: February 4, 2008


Location: Sun City Center, Florida