Hans Israelsson



Age: 42


Summary: founder and chief executive officer of the Stockholm-based consulting company Projektlots AB who took over responsibility as project manager for the double-track development of Nynasbanan railway station in 1994 when it became a highly-disputed project during the investigation phase that was turned into award-winning implementation for planning the double-lane extension between Kallhall and Kungsangen on the Malarbanan railway line, and who was also very involved in the development of the construction industry to community builders in addition to the direct project work for the ongoing building of Stockholm's Arsta Bridge, which is considered as one of Sweden's many complicated bridges that has rolled at record speed under his leadership. 



Cause of Death: Drowned after being struck by a tsunami


Born: 1962


Died: December 26, 2004


Location: Khao Lak, Thailand