Guillaume Depardieu



Age: 37


Summary: actor and son of French film star Gerard Depardieu who rebelled against his father and served his first prison sentence at age 17 and returned to jail when he was 22 for heroin trafficking, but who later said he had been a male prostitute as part of a revolt against his father, whom he called a lying, money-worshipping drunk, who won the French version of an Oscar, a Cesar, for "best new male talent" in 1996 for his role in the black comedy Les Apprentis (The Apprentices), and who had his right leg amputated in 2003 to end years of pain from a bacterial infection after a motorcycle accident in 1995.



Cause of Death: Pneumonia


Born: April 7, 1971


Died: October 13, 2008


Location: Paris, France