Gladys Randall



Age: 81


Summary: widow and plaintiff in the Randall v. Chalmette Medical Center, Inc. case who filed a petition for damages against the St. Bernard Parish Hospital at a New Orleans, Louisiana circuit court after her 80-year-old husband Norris Randall was admitted to the intensive care unit of Chalmette Medical Center, where he remained until his death on August 8, 1997 while he was intubated and put on a ventilator because his condition had worsened (he was suffering from pneumonia and emphysema), whose lawsuit alleges negligence on the part of defendant for holding that a hospital's duty of care to a patient does not extend to preventing her grandson Darrell Caruso from obtaining a power of attorney from the hospitalized grandfather and using it to deplete grandfather's savings account.



Cause of Death: Drowned in the floodwaters during Hurricane Katrina


Born: July 15, 1924


Died: August 29, 2005


Location: Chalmette, Louisiana